Some pictures from our recent camping trip

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The Trinidad Outdoor Club (TOC) was founded on June 30, 2013 to promote outdoor activities for active adults in Las Animas County and the surrounding area.  For many years, small groups of enthusiasts have organized small groups for a variety of outings, but there had never been a central place for offering trips to a larger audience.  It was also difficult for newcomers to the area to find out what outdoor activities were available, where the most interesting sites were and even how to get access to private locations.  That has all changed with this website.  Now if you’re interested in non-motorized outdoor activities in south-central Colorado, you’ve got a place to start. 

 Here is a list of what interests us:

• Birding
• Nature photography
• Stargazing
• Plant, tree and wildflower identification
• Geology
• Caving (spelunking)
• Paddling, including canoeing & kayaking & rafting
• Backpacking
• Hiking
• Mountain biking
• Wilderness yoga
• Snowshoeing
• Cross-country skiing
• Downhill skiing
• Group walks with dogs
• Weather study
• Wildlife tracking and scat identification
• First aid class
• Service programs (trail building, for example)
• Archeology
• Entomology

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